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Collective Agreement Contracting Out Language

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SteriPro then challenged Shime`s decision in court on the grounds that she had not been properly informed and could participate in the case. Credit Valley and Trillium led to further challenges to the interpretations of the collective agreement of Mr. Shime and Mr. Kaplan. SteriPro`s legal challenge was dismissed in October 2012. Court challenges to hospitals were dismissed in December 2012. Suburban 227 Article 31.01 No worker may be dismissed or suffer a loss of normal wages affected by the work preformed by workers in the collective agreement unit. In these cases, Credit Valley Hospital and Humber River Regional Hospital both had collective agreements covering their sterilization technicians. Credit Valley was at CUPE; Humber was at SEIU.

Before Adjudicator Shime, the hospital argued that the employment contract with SteriPro did not constitute dismissal, since SteriPro had hired all affected employees under the same conditions. Does your local have a contractual language in its CA? Send us your language and we will publish it here so that other Aboriginal people can see the kind of articles they should be targeting in their next round of negotiations. Local 933 Article 37 – Contractors 37.01 The parties agree that, for the duration of the agreement, there are no restrictions on the employer`s allocation of work or services that are now provided by the workers concerned; However, provided that no permanent employee of the employee loses his job as a result of such a contract conclusion, that he is demoted or that he suffers a loss of negotiated basic wages and benefits. THE EMPLOYEUR gives UNION thirty (30) calendar days in advance to communicate its intention to complete the work. A redundancy is not necessary if: a) the work is not currently performed by members of the bargaining unit, or: b) the work is currently under contract, or c) The work includes the rental of operating or unexploited aircraft for a period of thirty (30) days or less. Whether it is contracting out, contracting out or outsourcing – any term has the same meaning – the use of private contractors and/or workers (with others than members of the bargaining unit who have traditionally done the job or who have logically done the job). The most common practice is that of a public employer contracting with a private sector employer for his or her work. CUPE`s approach at Credit Valley was more problematic. This triggered the entire range of redundancy procedures, although SteriPro provided the same orders under the same conditions. And CUPE`s approach has had the perverse result that fewer sterilization technicians have actually kept their work in their chosen field. Nor has it resulted in a CUPE agreement with SteriPro. But SteriPro was nevertheless able to provide its services to Credit Valley (and Trillium).

The best way to combat workplace contracts is an excellent language of the collective agreement. SteriPro and SEIU have taken all necessary steps, pursuant to Article 12.02, to establish a negotiating relationship necessary to deal with the OWU`s challenge to their voluntary recognition agreement. Sterile treatment techniques in many Ontario hospitals are covered by union agreements. They are most often represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees („CUPE“) or the Service Employees International Union („SEIU“). Referee Shime disobeyed the hospital. He decided that the contract clause did not mean „that employees who normally do the work are automatically or smoothly transferred to the contractor.“ That`s why, lord.