Pohodová dovolená pro celou rodinu.

The cottage for hire in CZ – in Lusatian mountains
(Lužické hory)
We are going to lease our cottage for a weekend or for holidays in a quit place in Lusatian mountains in Líska near Česká Kamenice.
The cottage has three rooms. Each of them has two beds. There are also central heating, equipped kitchen, stove and garden with a fireplace.
Naturally there flows warm water and it has lavatory and bathroom.
In this place is a bus stop too (about 600 m from the cottage).

hiking, cycling, collecting mushrooms, downhill skiing, or cross-country skiing, floating boats (in surrounding rivers to 20 km).
You can do shopping in near town Česká Kamenice (4 km) or in Děčín (20 km).
It is also possible to visit a bathing pool in Česká Kamenice or a swimming pool in Děčín or in Česká Lípa (20 km).
Lusatian mountains – Studený-Jedlová-Luž-Kytlice (about 30 km)
National park Czech Sweiz (České Švýcarsko) – Pavlina’s valley-Jetřichovice-Pravčická gate (about 40 km)
Central Bohemian Massif (České Středohoří) – Panská rock (skála), Zámecký vrch (about 15 km).
If you wanted, we could lend you bicycles, boats or runningski.

The cottage gallery Price list of services:
High season prices: 1 night/1 pers. => 250,- crowns(Kč)
Out of the high season: 1 night/1 pers. => 200,- crowns(Kč)

Map Contact:

+420 777 147 914
+420 412 582 234
+420 777 747 540
+420 777 601 142