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Format Of Member Declaration Agreement Icai

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(i) All existing networks must submit this declaration on or June___________ 30. 9.5 The founding members of a network and the network must from time to time comply with all ethical standards prescribed by the Council. In practice, an accountant is found guilty of malpractice if he accepts or accepts a portion of the earnings from the professional work of a person who is not a member of the Institute: 4. Name and address of the company/member who is ready to enter/leave the network solemnly declare and confirm that the information provided corresponds to my knowledge and beliefs. It is specified that associations with a „network“ as a means of professional intermediation are only allowed if the network is registered with the institute Although a company is not a member of a network and does not use a common mark within its name, it can give the impression that it is part of a network when it refers to the member of a company in its stationery or advertising equipment. Therefore, if one does not pay attention to how a company describes such memberships, one can realize that the company belongs to a network. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) was established by the Indian Parliament and is a state-regulated accounting body that is responsible for all official accounting activities and financial audits in the country. She is also responsible for the accreditation of the audit profession in India. In addition, it is very important that ICAI portal companies follow a full and correct registration process for their membership and other prospects. (xiii) Determining the remuneration of member companies for the funds they must withdraw The Institute has learned that many members in practice connect to „networks“ with networks other than those registered with the Institute, whose main objective is, among other things, the refoulement of professional activities.

5.1 The network may have a unique name that should be approved by the institution. In order to distinguish a „network“ from a „company“ of accountants, the words „Affiliates“ are not used by the name of the network and the words „Co.“ / Associates. The format required for Name for Network approval is listed in Form „A“ (attached).