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Linc Agreement Regina

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Education Minister Don Morgan cited the LINC accords as a „problem“ and told CBC News he would like to scrap them. The organization is preparing to negotiate a provincial agreement on teachers` salaries this summer. The current agreement expires at the end of August. „It is not possible to withdraw the LINC agreements and do them all together or shorten the preparation time on a broad front in order to improve education. It`s a myth,“ he said. Parents could be looking for school basketball coaches if Saskatchewan`s Minister of Education implements local learning contracts. Teaching assistants, janitors and other unionized employees said a step in merging or removing collective agreements with school authorities will change students in the short term. However, educators are wary of efforts to standardize or abolish local collective agreements altogether. Gallagher served as president of the Regina Catholic School Teachers` Association for five years and negotiated two LINC agreements for teachers in his department before retiring.

He said that in the past, LINC had allowed each department to meet its own needs. Contracts differ across the province in terms of time spent in the classroom and time spent on teaching preparation, professional development and task placement. Contracts are also very different from the amount of extracurricular work teachers have to do to earn an extra day off. Morgan said the province wanted to govern schools in a way that avoided „goats from one territory to another.“ „There are considerable cost issues, well over $100 million a year, and we would like to find a way to manage them more appropriately.“ Collective bargaining is the process in which teachers and their employers address issues related to wages, benefits and working conditions to contribute to quality education in Saskatchewan. This process is defined in sections 234 to 269 of the Education Act 1995. „If you`re a science teacher who teaches every class, you get pretty much the same supports and benefits as someone else in another city,“ Morgan said. This could leave parents on their own to organize school games, oversee directory committees, and find external coaches for school sports. Every day, we negotiate every aspect of our lives with our employers, colleagues, students, family members and even ourselves.

In a way, negotiating is then a way of life. „This is just an attempt to cut costs; It`s not like it`s a better way to do things,“ said Jim Gallagher, who taught for 36 years in the division of De Regina Catholic School. At least be honest about it. „If you look at all these schedules, if it goes up or you don`t have time to do it, there must be something,“ said Jeff Perry, president of the Regina Public Schools Association. Their members currently have contracts with 21 Saskatchewan education authorities. „The focus is on extortion of a few dollars and a few cents from school services, from the education system,“ said Jackie Christianson, who represents just over 7,000 education workers for the Union of Canadian Public Employees. The working conditions and salary range of non-teaching staff are negotiated through an ongoing consultation process between representatives of non-teaching staff, elected officials (CSF) and the personal manager. To obtain a copy of the salary range click here. „We`re getting to a point where teachers feel a little overwhelmed by what they`re supposed to do in the available hours,“ Perry said, noting that teachers in his department report an increased level of burnout, stress and mental health issues. He and other teachers in Regina and Saskatoon said the loss of preparation time supplants voluntary midday care and extracurricular activities. . . .